Spiked Roller

DAILY $33.00  WEEKLY $99.00


The One Stop Hire Shop for Spiked Roller Hire & Landscaping Equipment Hire. Family owned and operated and Located just 200m from Moorabbin Airport. We have a range of different Lawn Care Equipment available for hire. From Small machines ideal for tight access to machines suitable for your larger construction jobs. Ask about our free courtesy trailer. We can also deliver them straight to your job site to save you time. Can’t find the Equipment you’re looking for? Give us a call and one of our experienced staff members will assist you with you’re enquiry. 

A lush and thriving yard requires the right amount of air and water penetration to allow vital nutrients to enter the soil. Compacted earth does not allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots. A lawn aerator is a garden tool designed to create holes in the soil in order to help lawn grow. In compacted lawns, aeration improves soil drainage